Terms and Conditions

    Definition of terms used in this document:

    The Seller – Discount Kitchen Factory to whom all payments become due for goods and services provided.

    The Purchaser – the Individual, Firm, or Limited Company from whom an order has been accepted.

    The Contract – The goods and services that will be supplied by the Seller are set out in the Order Acceptance. Any subsequent changes requested by the Purchaser will incur an additional charge.

    The order price is determined at the time of Order Acceptance, and full payment becomes immediately due. This must be paid by the Purchaser on acceptance of the order (unless other terms have been agreed with the Seller).

    Order Acceptance is the point at which the contract is established. Items which are made, or modified, to meet the Purchaser’s requirements may not be cancelled after Order Acceptance, unless the Seller agrees.

    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects the Purchaser’s statutory rights.

    Delivery Lead Times: Proposed delivery lead times are given only for guidance. The actual delivery date will be agreed between Seller and Purchaser after Order Acceptance.

    Liability: The Seller is not liable for any loss or delays arising from circumstances beyond their reasonable control – including, but not limited to, failure by its own suppliers to deliver on time, goods that are damaged in-transit (see below), or goods that have to be replaced for any reason.

    Damaged Goods: If goods are damaged during transit, The Seller is not liable for their replacement, unless the damage is (a) noted on the carrier’s delivery documents, or (b) reported to The Seller within 48 hours of receipt of goods.

    Replacement Items: Items that are replaced due to damage, manufacturing faults, or any other reason, will be subject to normal delivery lead times as stated on the original Order Acceptance. The Seller shall make reasonable effort to reduce the lead time, but can accept no liability for subsequent delays or consequential losses.

    Faulty Goods: If the Purchaser finds fault or manufacturing defect with the items ordered within 12 months of delivery, those items will be replaced (depending on the Seller’s decision) without charge. However, all ordered items are subject to availability.

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