Fitted Kitchens from Discount Kitchen Factory

We realise that when buying new kitchens there are many things to consider. Here are some of the main points you need to look out for.

The quality of the kitchen units or carcasses as they are called in the industry. These need to be 18mm thick if they are to last for many years, some companies try to cheapen the cost by putting in thin hardboard backs on the base and wall units. These might look good when they are first installed but after twelve months or more the thin back panel can start to bow as it absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere especially on the base units if there is a little dampness on the interior walls which can be the case with older properties. These types of kitchen units are usually massed produced for the big DIY shops using cheaper materials to keep cost down, but is it really cost effective as the kitchen might look that it needs to be replaced again within just a few years.

Look at the back panel in the base carcasses

Does it go all the way up to the top of the units, or does it only go part of the way up leaving a gap so that you can see the wall when it is fitted, again this is done to keep cheapen the cost of the unit but it can affect the strength of it. Look for 18mm kitchen carcasses with a full 18mm back panel, even on our cheaper ranges of kitchens we sell, we still have a 6mm solid back panel to keep the unit strong that will then last for many years. Also do the kitchen units have a service gap in the back? Ours have, this is so you can make cut-outs at the back of the units for pipes and other fittings without cutting into the inside of the unit that will make it look mess when you open the door.

What about the quality of the doors

First pick up and feel the door that you are interested in. Does it feel lighter and thinner than you thought it would be? This is because they are mass produced, again they might look good when they are first fitted but it will not be too long before it is looking shabby and needs replacing. The door should feel heavy and solid depending on the material it is made from. If you are considering a gloss kitchen look for a really deep sheen in the finish that shows that it has a number of coats to produce that deep shine. Do not be too shy to ask if there ever been any problems with the doors in the past and how long has the kitchen range been available.

Hinges are they Blumotion?

Again make sure they are a good quality hinge like Blum if not after a while you might see the doors start to sag down and the tops of the doors are not level as the hinge starts to wear because its not made from quality materials. Drawer boxes. Do they feel strong and solid? They should do if they are going to last. They need to have a solid 15mm or 18mm bottom in them or in a short time they will start to bow out when any weight is put in them.

Some other things to considering when buying a new kitchen

Ask yourself does the company have a showroom or is it just someone working from home with a nice looking website? Will they still be there in a few years if you want to make any changes and add some more units in or change something around? Or something has gone wrong. Be aware of websites with different names but the sites look the same, these are the cowboys who have to keep changing their names because they have got a bad reputation. Put their name in Google to see if they have got any bad feedback from unhappy customers. Also watch out for the ones who come out to your home, give you an unbelievably low price drawing out a plan, then you only pay one hundred pounds deposit saying you just pay the rest when they deliver the kitchen. You then find he does not answer the phone when you try to call him back and not all of your kitchen arrives if it is delivered. Or what about the companies that will come around to your home make a nice plan of your new kitchen then saying it will cost around twelve to sixteen thousand pounds but if you are willing to order now I can ring my boss, and he then knocks off 40%. So take your time, look around at a few different companies have a few different plans and ideas made and do not be pressured to buy.

We also understand that it isn't just the fixtures and fittings that matters but the added extras too. That is why our range includes a whole host of lighting choices, door handles and draw knobs - right down to your choice of bin! We even have a range of drawer boxes for you to browse and choose from.

We really do want kitchens up and down the country to be as beautiful and practical as they can be which is why we have developed the massive range of products that we currently have on offer.