Ashford Replacement Doors

Introducing the Ashford, a stunning design that can be customised to any size and comes in a wide range of colour options. The Ashford kitchen is sure to elevate the overall ambiance of your home. Experience the beauty and versatility of Ashford and create a space that is truly your own.

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Painted colours available
Door Colors Available

Antique white

Halifax natural oak

High gloss cashmere

High gloss cream

High gloss dust grey

High gloss light grey

High gloss white


Lissa oak

Matt black

Matt blush pink

Matt colonial blue

Matt dakkar

Matt denim

Matt dove grey

Matt kombu green

Matt mussel

Matt pebble

Matt pistachio green

Matt sage green

Matt stone grey

Matt taupe

Oakgrain cashmere

Oakgrain cream

Oakgrain grey

Oakgrain mussel


Paintflow matt fir green

Paintflow matt indigo

Paintflow matt light grey

Paintflow matt sage green

Paintflow matt white

Porcelain white

Satin white

Supermatt alabaster

Supermatt cashmere

Supermatt dust grey

Supermatt fir green

Supermatt graphite

Supermatt indigo blue

Supermatt light grey

Supermatt mood grey

Supermatt Taupe Grey

Supermatt white

Urban Oak


Colour Options
Ashford Replacement Doors Ashford replacement doors. This door style is available to order in a large range of colours. For help with your replacement kitchen doors please e-mail your required sizes for a free How To Order Your Replacement Doors First you need to find out if the kitchen doors you already have are standard or non-standard sizes. It is easy to measure the back of your kitchen door to take the measurement in mm`s. If you have Hi line kitchen doors (no drawer at the top) it should measure 715mm high, the width is usually standard, for example if it is on a 500mm kitchen unit it will be 496mm wide. If it is a mm different dont worry it is still what we call the industry standard for the UK. If you have a drawerline kitchen the drawer height should be 140mm high and the door will be 570mm high. So if you have these measurements you can pick any of our replacement kitchen doors you see on the web site or at our showroom in Whittle-le-woods.If you need any help please e-mail, ring or come and see us at our factory showroom. PurchaseIn addition to offering high-quality products, we strive to make the entire kitchen purchase process convenient and flexible for our customers. When you choose Discount Kitchen Factory, you have the freedom to pay over the phone or via bank transfer for your kitchen doors.
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